Hollow News Issue #7

Good evening Robots! We know it’s been a while since Issue number six and we welcome you to Hollow News. Here we will (just like before) be updating you on the latest and greatest from Hollow Robot. Without any further adieu, let’s hear from our beloved Dev Team:

“Hi all! With internal beta testing going on, tweaks are being made constantly to improve the game for everyone. I’ve been working with the rest of the concept art team to make art for the various badges, achievements and trading cards you’ll all receive in the game. This has all been very exciting to see the game grow and evolve til its release. I can’t wait for you all to play the game as well! ^-^” – Ariel Tracey

“Hey everyone! The internal Office Freakout beta test has begun, and the game is off to a fantastic start; I’ve been having an absolute blast with it so far!
Aside from helping the dev team squash bugs, myself and the rest of the concept art team have been hard at work producing art for badges, achievements, and trading cards for you all to unlock and collect once the game launches.
This whole team has been doing an amazing job, and I can’t wait for everyone to be able to get their hands on Office Freakout!” – Theissen Hall

“So crunch mode has begun, (even though it’s felt like crunch mode from the start.). We have a ton of fun levels already built out so now we need to focus on finalizing these. Getting fun things like AI, decals, lights, and more. I can’t wait to get the public into theses levels and have you destroy everything, discover secrets, and hopefully meet your doom at the cold mechanical hands of our Philbot. Stay Hollow friends.” – Cole Larson

“As the game begins to reach its final stages, we’ve been testing the in-house beta to assess the build, and help brainstorm what steps we can take to achieve an even higher standard of quality before our deadline. I’m finishing up the last round of textures; texture sets and themes for every level is quite a feat to accomplish with such little time, but this is what I love to do.” – Shanli Goff

“Like everyone else has been saying, this game has come an incredibly long way–and with the internal beta in progress, we can see just how much further we really need to go. Much like Drew’s music, the rest of the audio is a very ongoing process because new stuff is being added every day. While this can definitely be a challenge, I’d have to say it’s an incredibly fun one.” – Candace Johnson

“This game has come a long way already and it’s great to see it in the beta stages. The music will be an ongoing thing, especially for a game like this, and I can say that this will for sure be an adventure considering the versatility in the tracks I’ve made. I can’t wait for you all to experience pure rage when you start smashing up the office!” – Drew Forbes

“With the Office Freakout internal Beta in progress, most if not all the members of Hollow Robot are busy testing the game for any and all bugs, balancing changes, and thoughts of minor tweaks. And if anything is broken, we fix it, like for example the players hands inverting. Its quite… Disturbing.” – Joshua Towns

“The focus for us Hollow Robots has been to get our internal Beta for Office Freakout completed, and for the audio team that means getting sounds into the game. So with some help we’ve managed to get our audio middleware solution (Audiokinetic Wwise) plugged in to UE4. With that accomplished we were able to add some voice-over, sound effects and music into the game so that the whole team can experience the sound of Office Freakout. Fun stuff!” – Ali Tocher

“Beta time!!! but before all the raging, Steam Cards have been made highlighting some of the more over the top weapons in Philbert’s arsenal….here’s a taste of a potential card.” – Jason Mejia


“Well Hello All you lovely Robits! Been an extremely busy month this WEEK haha! I’m tossing in just a few pieces, a SPECK, of what’s been done. If you want to see more…well, guess you’ll just have to see it all in game, won’t you?!?!? We’ve has been workn in overdrive to get this baby ready. Went through our first in-house beta, always fun to get the whole teams reactions 🙂 Well guys and gals, its time to get back to work! Stay safe, and as always STAY HOLLOW!

P.S. Poo-Chu says hi!” – CJ Teague


Some final thoughts as we head out for the evening and enjoy some much needed work on Office Freakout:

The game will be on sale through Steam on September 27th, 2016. Make sure you follow the page on the store front and add it to your wishlist if you haven’t. The team has been working tirelessly and tweaking and modifying everything to ensure fun times to be had by all! If you have any questions, you can leave us a comment on here, Steam or send us an email through the contact page.

Any additional information will be released as the time draws nearer to the big day (can’t believe it’s almost 1 month away already). Thank you all for your unwavering support and cheers, we honestly can’t wait for you all to get your hands on Office Freakout and smash things!

As always Robots, Stay Hollow.

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