The Weekly Hollow #6 – Greenlit & Release Dates

Good evening and happy Monday Robots. We know that we have been on a little bit of a hiatus on the Dev Blog and we apologize. Lot’s of things have happened since we opened up the Steam Greenlight page. I suppose we should start with the obvious, we were Greenlit last week! That’s right, last Tuesday to be exact was the day we received the amazing news that we had been hoping for. Office Freakout was selected and now we get to move forward and complete the game for release on Steam.

Now the journey to any Greenlight success isn’t all sunshine and daisies. There was a point that we were terrified that we were going to fall through. However, thanks to the amazing support of our friends, family, and fans we were able to be recognized and be extended a generous offer of Greenlight.

So here’s some of the facts you’ll want to know as far as OS availability: Office Freakout will be available for Mac and PC, so Apple users don’t fret. That’s all I can say in reference to that for now, but trust me that you’ll absolutely love it. Now for the info we REALLY care about, release date…



That’s right we’re looking at a September release for all of you avid gamers. Consider it a “back to school” (work) gift from us to you. As far as pricing, we’ll be releasing that when the time draws near. For now however, mark your calendars for 09.27.2016 and prepare to let your rage out. That’s it from the Dev Team this week. Remember to follow us on Social Media for all the up-to-date information you crave.

Stay Hollow.


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