The Weekly Hollow #5 – Steam Greenlight

Hello and welcome to a very specific edition to The Weekly Hollow. Now normally we have everyone (or most everyone) from the Dev Team post their content for you all to enjoy. However, this week we are going to be focusing at the topic of the hour, Steam Greenlight.

As most or all of you know by now, we have Office Freakout up for voting on Steam Greenlight. Presently (as of this morning) we are officially in the Top 100 (Presently we are #99). Though we are proud to say we have made it this far, we are going to need more up votes than ever to really drive the point home that Office Freakout needs to be Greenlit.

Here is a link to the Greenlight page, please leave us a vote, a comment/feedback! We’d love to hear from you. Also, please share with your gamer friends and family.

Steam Greenlight – Office Freakout

Thank you everyone and Stay Hollow!

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