The Weekly Hollow #4

We are less than a week away from the Office Freakout Steam Greenlight Voting release (July 11th, 2016)! So no mincing words, let’s see what our incredible Dev Team has been up to:

“Hello again! This week was all about faces and how many I can put onto one guy in a few days, answer is quite a lot! This character features a unique face system that lets the animator(s) play around with face shapes, rather then controllers, giving more anatomical correctness. And like I said, even angry characters can have a happy side.” – Joshua Towns


“Hey gang! This week I spent my time doing quite a lot of dialogue edits for the announcer for both Office Freakout and its next impending trailer! The dialogue for the game, of course, required much more of my attention—the effects of which you’ll be able to hear over the intercom once you play the game—but I’m absolutely in love with the voice over for the trailer. So a tip of the hat to our awesome voice actors!” -Candace Johnson

“Hi guys! This week’s the final stretch! I’ve been brainstorming several new texture palette ideas to use for the office space. It’ll be a challenge to pull off, but that’s what being an artist’s all about! With some spiffy programming along with careful experimentation from the Cool Squad, these textures will generate randomly in every round of your play through. Unique eye candy just for you- all day. Every day.” -Shanli Goff

“Hey everyone, as the weeks progress so does our progress on Office Freakout. This week I’ve been working wrapping up implementing the environments objects into the game. Now that this is done the fun part of building the levels and dressing them begins. Due to the incredible library of art assets we have built as a team, this task has been incredibly fun. We can’t wait to show you more of this game, stay hollow you robots.” -Cole Larsonphoto (1) photo

“The game is closing in on its final stages. We finished a main optimization pass and are feeling satisfied with the performance of the game. The goal of optimization is FPS and I’d say say we hit the mark. We would like to provide a great experience to the users on the lower end of the gaming hardware spectrum. Being a physics game that is not always easy to accomplish and after some testing and a little more optimization we should be reaching our goals.” -Jack Vernasco

“I’m excited to have just finished some of the music for the Office Freakout trailer. It’s definitely wacky and intense; sounds like nothing I’ve ever done before. Next, I’ll be moving on to actually crafting the music for the game. It will definitely be procedural, but well worth the labor. 😉 Stay tuned!” -Drew Forbes

“Hello Hollow! Man, what a crazy past few weeks. Lots of sleepless nights doing optimizations on the game, and i assure you, well worth the effort! Jack and I have been plowing through everything we can to bring you a game that runs as smooottthhh as a robots butt. Now my ravenous Robots, prepare for a face paced fusion of fun, frenzy and freakouts. This rowdy raging riot will have you ramming and slamming in no time! And best of all? GREENLIGHT SSSOOOOOONNN JULY 11th! If you’re reading this, prepare to vote!
Gonna share only 2 pictures today….though I have hundreds…Pictured Is the Airplane, It is one of the most forward references in the game and with good reason. You see, on it, I wrote the names of as many (if not all) members of the Hollow Robot team as i could and still get the saying in there. Pretty sure its everyone… 2nd is an unlock-able skin. Not gonna give names, you’re just gonna have to play to find out. These wooden whackers will truly crack you up! As always my friends, STAY HOLLOW!” -CJ Teague

CJ_C_2016.06.30_04h23m52s_008_ CJ_C_2016.07.02_02h26m58s_003_

How about a round of applause for the amazing Hollow Robot Dev Team! They are truly busting their rumps to provide an amazing piece of gaming awesomeness. Well that’s all for this week Robots, remember to keep an eye out for the voting and to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on a daily basis.

Remember have fun and Stay Hollow.

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