The Weekly Hollow #3

Happy Thursday everyone! I bet you weren’t expecting the Dev Blog to come out on Friday Eve, were you? Well we have been so busy gathering content for you, that we needed an extra day to make it extra amazing. Now as you all know we have an awesome game coming out to Steam Greenlight on July 11th (don’t forget to vote) and we have a lot of other things on our plate as well. So I will just dive on in and we’ll begin with something epic…who am I kidding, it’s all epic.

“Hey everyone! We have been hard at work bringing you our first game Office Freakout! This week we have a small teaser for everyone, this will be followed by a Gameplay trailer that will be coming soon! Click the video below to check it out, and remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe!

Stay Hollow!” -Martyn Tranter


“Marty and I spent some time today working out the dialogue script for the trailer for Office Freakout. I believe we achieved our goal to produce a really funny, yet captivating trailer which will help sell you on the concept of the game. Hopefully when you watch it you’ll get a good laugh, and be eager to take the reins and engage in some mind numbing in-game office destruction.” -Brandon McAllister


“I’ve just been sketching away at some new concepts while getting to know the 2 newest members of the concept art department. Always awesome to welcome new people into our amazingly talented family! ^-^” -Ariel Tracey

“I’ve been engineering a skinning system with CJ to allow players access to customize most of the objects within a level with unlock-able skins. Other unlock-ables include arm skins and rage weapons. All of the new unlock-ables have a great appeal to them, which adds more substance to the game.” -Jack Vernasco

“I’m so incredibly excited about all the progress that’s been made, and how awesome everything looks! I’m looking forward to doing some more texture patterns in the upcoming week :)” -Sarah Teague

“Hey all! I’ve been with the team for just under a month here—so I’m a bit of a new face, but this week I’ve been working on impact noises for all the surfaces that you’re going to get to destroy in Office Freakout. Kablam!” -Candace Johnson

“It has been a good year at the Hollow. I’m pleased to be working along amazing individuals. I believe Office Freakout is a game you’re really gonna wanna get your hands on. The music I’m making for this game is out of the ordinary for me (in an entirely good way). I can’t wait to share the awesome craziness with everyone!” -Drew Forbes

“Hey everyone things are really starting to come together in office Freakout and it’s such a great feeling. Right now the task I’m working on is getting all the assets in engine and having them destructible and all that other fun stuff. We’re also working on some interesting level layouts that we will be utilizing when setting up the levels for OF. I can’t wait for the public to see what we’ve been working on, stay hollow!” -Cole Larson

“So there’s all sorts of things happening this week, from audio to animations, to breaking all the things, this week, I’m working on making a fancy face system to make the main character have a bit of a personality, I mean, hes always angry, but who knows, maybe he wants to smile when he breaks things? Right now he looks a little shocked, and hopefully it will shine a big light that even pissed off angry dudes, have a soft side. (NAH! Break all the things!)” -Joshua Towns

“As Office Freakout is getting closer and closer to completion, the Dev team’s been working incredibly hard to make sure the content is top quality. It’s been quite an emotional ride to see our game approaching its final build. My duty is to continue to work on textures and making sure last minute adjustments are completed by our deadline. It’s been an honor to work with such a magnificent (and kooky) team of talented people on the project, and I’m so stoked to work on more in the future! Woohoo! Stay Hollow!” -Shanli Goff

elevator_panel printer

“Hello Hollow! Welcome back robits. Lots to see and share this week as our fun lil game gets closer and closer to completion! New faces here at Hollow Robot, so again, welcome ROBOTS!! Personally, I’ve been a busy bot and cranking out textures for office freakout, setting up some awesome unlocks and finishing up weapons! Gonna keep it short n’ sweet this week and share loads of pics. So as always, stay HOLLOW and prepare to freakout…Offiice Freakout that is!” -CJ Teague

CJ_C_2016.06.22_15h37m34s_001_ CJ_C_2016.06.22_16h42m50s_003_ CJ_C_2016.06.22_23h30m06s_005_ CJ_C_2016.06.22_23h30m48s_006_ CJ_C_2016.06.23_00h34m46s_007_ CJ_C_2016.06.23_02h01m47s_008_ CJ_C_2016.06.23_03h16m28s_010_ CJ_C_2016.06.23_19h56m30s_001_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_00h20m19s_003_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_00h21m25s_004_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_04h25m47s_006_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_04h26m13s_007_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_04h28m21s_008_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_04h31m33s_009_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_04h51m54s_010_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_04h52m33s_011_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_17h54m47s_002_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_18h06m59s_004_ CJ_C_2016.06.24_18h19m54s_005_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_00h37m26s_010_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_00h38m36s_011_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_00h39m12s_012_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_00h40m14s_013_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_02h19m03s_015_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_03h47m23s_018_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_03h47m50s_019_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_16h37m04s_001_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_16h40m28s_002_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_16h45m12s_003_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_18h22m04s_005_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_18h22m36s_006_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_18h22m51s_007_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_18h23m29s_008_ CJ_C_2016.06.25_19h29m40s_009_ CJ_C_2016.06.26_00h35m34s_012_ CJ_C_2016.06.26_00h36m02s_013_ CJ_C_2016.06.26_02h04m11s_014_ CJ_C_2016.06.26_03h27m40s_017_ CJ_C_2016.06.26_05h31m52s_018_ CJ_C_2016.06.26_05h33m01s_019_ CJ_C_2016.06.26_20h04m13s_002_ CJ_C_2016.06.28_00h02m42s_002_

“This year Hollow Robot attended our first E3. We are pretty new to the gaming industry. I am very honored I was able to attend on behalf of the company. The experience was overwhelming but exciting. Being surrounded by all of the professionals in the industry and the ability to consult any one of them to gain insight is a huge opportunity for us. These are people who have developed the captivating and creative worlds you know and love today. Being among them is different rather than watching them as someone in an audience.Being there has supplied us with all of the information to understand our place in the industry and only inspires us to shoot for the stars. More importantly, being there to absorb all of it is what we needed to evolve our understanding of the industry and to only improve for the future to come.

Since Hollow Robot is fairly new to the industry we did not have a game ready to show yet. We are currently working on 3 games. Firstly, our game Office Freakout is going to be released on Steam Greenlight on July 11th, so we simply passed out some flyers to spread awareness during the convention. Secondly, were developing another game that we have no details to reveal at this time. But we are beginning development on it beginning in July. Finally, we have a big game planned known as Johnny Reboot. It is something we have on the back burner until we are ready to make it. Meanwhile, we have a teaser trailer introducing the game’s character. (

We look forward to bringing our games into the industry and seeing what people think of what we have to offer.” -Robert Merritt

Some final thoughts for this weeks amazing edition of TWH, we are trying our best to make a games that you see as unforgettable and fun, and we want you all to enjoy the awesomeness that our team has been working so tirelessly on.  We have some cool alpha footage from Office Freakout for you all to enjoy as well and you can find that here!

We hope you enjoyed this edition and we look forward to showing you even more next week.

Stay Hollow!

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