The Weekly Hollow #2


Hello and welcome to installment #2 of The Weekly Hollow where we catch you up on what’s going on with Hollow Robot and our amazing projects.

“Hello all, this week I got to rig up a weapon of sorts, its quite a holy relic, and is not one to be messed with. Alas, pictures are again unavailable, because it is just too awesome to show. But take my word. It is awesome! its got a ring, and something that rhymes with rings.” – Joshua Towns

Let’s just say we can’t wait to see it!


“Hello! This week’s been a bit busier pumping out textures and revising assets for Office Freakout. We’re finally approaching the final hurdles so hold on to them horses and keep your pitch forks home. We promise it’ll be worth the wait! ‘Til next week friends!” – Shanli Goff


Safe to say that we are all holding our horses and our pitch forks are anywhere but here.


“Hi all! I’ve been super busy with all sorts of things! Hollow Robot related being making skin packs and doing me some alpha testing. AWWW YYYEAAAAAHHH… it….” – Sarah Teague

We can’t wait to join in on this love with you!

“We have just gone through our first round of testings. We are going to go through all of the feedback and work out the kinks we’ve found. The game is starting to take shape and we are excited for this next week of advancements!” – Jack Vernasco

Testing? Oh yes that would be something I am sure we would all like to partake in.


“With Hollow Robot’s change in strategy a bit, this week I’ve been busy texturing and tweaking some of the models for our Office Freakout game. Not a lot to show that’s all fancy looking, sad to say, but sometimes you’ve got to get the grunt work done! The big challenge these past weeks has been adapting to a more simplistic style from what we were using on Johnny Reboot, as well as testing out texture setups to find the one that fits our game vision perfectly. Hope you look forward to more of Office Freakout over the coming weeks!” – Nathan Williams

No job is too big or too small, we can’t wait to see all the work you all have put in!


“Hello Hollow! SO MUCH WORK done this week it’s not even funny. Some of the work is funny…but….LOTS OF WORK!! Office Freakout is coming along nicely. Lots to do and less time to do it in. So for now (and always) STAY HOLLOW my lil robits.” – CJ Teague

chai crawlerB goldenpoo key mouse1 mouse2 mug sci tp


Needless to say from the looks and sounds of it, everything is moving along very well in terms of development. The team is doing an amazing job getting Office Freakout put together and I know you will all absolutely love it. Of course we here at Hollow Robot are a tiny bit biased on that fact.

Anyway folks, we hope you enjoyed this installment of The Weekly Hollow. Remember to stay tuned every Wednesday evening for more Dev Blog goodies from the team. Take care and remember…

Stay Hollow.

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