The Weekly Hollow #1


Hello and welcome everyone to the very first issue of The Weekly Hollow! Here is issue number one coming at you this evening with some killer information. First and foremost I would like to let you all know that Johnny Reboot is still very much alive. We have taken this time to take a breather and put our efforts into a less robust game. So a lot of you may have heard of it, Office Freakout! That’ll be our first game we release as a company. We are definitely very excited about it and we know you’ll all absolutely love it.

Next item on the agenda, E3 2016, Hollow Robot has a representative there, our co-founder and creative director – Robert Merritt. So if you’re at E3, be sure to check him out and he’ll give you the skinny on Johnny Reboot (and the killer Teaser Trailer specially made for E3). You can check out the E3 2016 JR teaser trailer here! Not to mention, make sure you follow @HollowRobot on Twitter so you can see all the fun and crazy antics our co-founder has been getting himself into on the company’s behalf.

Also going back to Office Freakout, we will be having it up on Steam Greenlight on July 11th, 2016 for voting, so make sure you keep an eye on the Hollow Robot Twitter and the Office Freakout Twitter (@OfficeFreakout) for constant updates on that front. Of course links will be provided when the time comes, so…sharing is caring!

Finally let’s catch up with some of our developers and see what they’ve been up to for all things Hollow Robot:

“Heyo Robots!
Big updates, big changes…BIGNESS. Lets start with E3, that’s right folks, our very own Robert Merritt will be at E3 this year!! So follow the youtube link and go watch our E3 Teaser trailer!
Next on the Ro-block is OFFICE FREAKOUT. All i can really say is this; You’re gonna love to play it as much as we do…trust me, its insanely fun!
In the images ill be posting this week you’re notice the awesome logo design tattooed on some of em. So a BIG thanks goes out to Martyn and Nate for the awesome designs. On top of that, there are some background props in one of the images and again, THANKS go out to the team! Nate, Cole, Shanli, Sarah’s and my own can be seen as props in the bg Character and computer models and textures were done by myself concept to completion.
That’s all I’ve got to share this week folks so….as always STAY HOLLOW!

ps good luck at e3 Rob!!” -CJ Teague


“ZOMG! Super pumped about our trailer and E3!!!! I’ve been a busy little worker bee-bot working on this and that for Office Freakout including this cute little robot fish….I named him Steve. Huzzah! Yay my first blog post.” – Sarah Teague



“Hello all, though there isn’t much on the technical art side to show (rigging, animation). I was able to play around with the game and give it a solid test. I’ll just throw it out there, There was a lot of numbers at the end of the day, and some of those numbers, I never thought could get so high.” – Joshua Towns

Well we would like to thank all the developers who participated in this weeks first edition of The Weekly Hollow and we hoped you all enjoyed it. Remember to keep an eye out every Wednesday night for more antics from us here at HR.

Stay Hollow.




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